Image is Everything!

ADTEL’s talented team of professionals gives your company the distinctive voice it needs to help you connect with your customers and stand out from competitors. Opportunity rings when ADTEL’s On Hold Messages are at work for you.

Caller Hang Ups Cost You Money!

ADTEL messages transform the on-hold button from a standard telephone feature into a business information resource. “Hold time” becomes productive for both your business and your callers. Why waste time with “dead air” or a radio station selling everyone else’s business when you have a captive audience?


Recent surveys reported that silence during hold time results in an astonishing 60% caller hang-up rate within the first 60 seconds. You have a potential customer waiting on the line – why risk losing them with dead air?


It seems like a good idea to plug a radio into the phone system to entertain your callers. It may be the way to go if you think your customers will appreciate the musical taste of the staff responsible for selecting a clear station – or if you’re certain they won’t mind listening to unpredictable newscasts and your competitor’s commercials.

Background Music

Background music produces better results with callers than silence or radio broadcasts but still provides no marketing value. You also have to be very cautious that you have obtained the necessary legal rights to play the music.

Cross Promote

Your clients can’t remember everything you do.  Hold time is the perfect time to cross-promote ALL the products and services you have to offer! Promote add-ons, additional services, special features, promotions, new products and specials while Customers wait on-hold.

Build Brand Awareness & Trust

Enhance your company’s image with a professional presentation and a powerful branding tool. Reinforce your brand with custom messages and background music. Relate the level of experience of your staff, reinforcing your company and brand.


Motivate your customers to act! Inquire about a new product, referral programs, ask about bundled discounts, etc. A simple call-to-action can make all the difference in creating a sale.

Increase Caller Retention

One of the top reasons for calling a company is to learn business hours. Eliminate your employee’s time to handle FAQ with On-Hold Messaging.

Project Professionalism

Your On-Hold Messaging and Music is the first impression to your callers. Make it memorable and build trust with professionally developed on-hold messages and music.

Say Thank You

Thank your callers for holding and assure them that someone will be with them soon, keeping them from hanging up

Elevate your image, Inform & entertain callers, Create valuable sales opportunities.

We Transform Your On-Hold Button
Into a Business Information Resource