ADTEL is committed to telephone hold playback quality, and we constantly strive to supply the very best playback equipment available. In fact, we are so dedicated to delivering a great service, that we are the only on hold provider who has invested close to a million dollars in research and development, to develop its’ own proprietary digital playback units.

Since 1996, we have designed and put into production three of our own playback units, each one catering to specific needs of our clients as the communications industry has evolved. We take great pride in our product, in keeping our clients and ourselves on the cutting edge of audio technology and our guarantee that you will be impressed by the results.

The DigADTEL IPM simply plugs into your phone or Internet connection, and your audio productions are delivered directly into the playback units’ internal memory with no user intervention required.

The DigADTEL Internet unit is programmed to call back to our server to automatically receive production updates. Superior quality can be achieved with remotely accessible volume, bass, and treble controls. There is also an internal clock and calendar, so we can program your messages for seasonal events and time-sensitive information. We do it all for you. The DigADTEL IPM is reliable and requires no user intervention, so once it’s installed you can focus on your business.

The USB 1200 playback unit stores MP3 audio on a removable USB flash drive that plugs into the USB hub on the unit. The loading of new audio is easily accomplished by dragging and dropping MP3 files from a computer to the USB flash drive.

The device also includes internal flash memory that can store and play a single audio file. Once the MP3 file is loaded, the USB drive can be unplugged from the unit for safe storage.

The USB 1200 is designed for long-term, reliable audio playback for a business application.

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