Turn Silence Into Sales!

‘Opportunity Rings!’ when ADTEL’s production team is at work for you. Our on hold messaging subscriptions inform and entertain your callers, providing a valuable sales opportunity by keeping them on the line!

Smaller businesses can enjoy the BIG impact that custom on hold messages provide.

According to recent surveys, 88% of all consumers prefer hearing a message on hold (rather than the other options) when holding for a company representative and will wait up to 3 times longer on hold. And roughly 20% of these consumers reported they made at least one purchase based on the information they heard in a hold message.

Getting started on an ADTEL On-Hold Subscription is easy. Once you have decided on a program option and update schedule, simply choose your music style and voice talent preferences from our demo pages, send us some information about your business and our talented team of professionals will take care of the rest. We even include the use of the playback equipment.

If you need some help deciding what option would work best for your business, we would be happy to offer our expertise.

Creative Scripts
& Copywriting

Broadcast Quality
Recording & Mixing

Notarized Copies
of Scripts

Update Notices
& Creative Support

Music Licensing
& Releases

Voice Talent

Delivery of Regularly
Scheduled Production Updates

Use & Maintenance of
Digital Playback Equipment

ADTEL Customized On-Hold Productions

Our ADTEL Customized Audio On-Hold Productions consist of between six and 10 professionally written 15-second messages about your business. We offer unlimited production update schedules and are confident your specific messaging requirements can be met.

ADTEL TriviaPacs

Our ADTEL TriviaPac is a unique concept designed especially to entertain and enlighten your callers while on hold. It features amusing anecdotes, fantastic facts, lighthearted horoscopes, sports, entertainment, history and much more. The TriviaPac includes 12 productions annually, each eight minutes in length. There are from 8 to 10 professionally written and voiced messages in each production. Each TriviaPac is produced with music licensing fees included. In Fact, the TriviaPac is so entertaining that some callers ask to be put back on hold! 

ADTEL EconoPacs

Our ADTEL EconoPacs are a great way to entertain callers and prevent hang-ups, for a minimum investment. In three easy step,s you’ll receive two professionally recorded eight-minute audio productions along with the necessary playback equipment – using up to 10 courtesy messages selected from the choices below. Courtesy messages enhance your corporate image and alleviate callers’ frustrations while they’re on hold. You also get to decide on which voice talent and music style suits your callers best. Also, a second production may include a voice and music change. Company names will be inserted upon request.

ADTEL MusicPacs

Our ADTEL MusicPacs are designed especially to entertain and enlighten your callers while on hold. It features a series of 12, eight-minute audio productions updated monthly consisting of music only, along with the necessary playback equipment. Selections may include one of eight Music Plus Group categories from the ADTEL music library. Categories such as Big Band, Classical, Country-Contemporary, Industrial, Middle Of The Road – Contemporary, New Age Atmospheric, and Soft Rock. All music productions are updated monthly. All other standard service inclusions and production options apply. Music on hold is proven to reduce abandoned calls.

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