Once clients have taken the time to call your location, it is important to keep them on the line and focused on your business. We believe that professional on-hold messaging is a great way to let your callers know about all of your different products and services, relieve customer tensions, and put  “on-hold time” to productive use.

That phone call may be a customer’s first contact with your business. Why waste time on a captive audience with “Dead Air” or risk advertising your competitor with the radio when you can use ADTEL’s custom on hold marketing solutions to create a lasting positive impression?

Our ADTEL Customized Audio On-Hold Productions are available in 4 or 8 minute formats, consisting of between 6 and 10 professionally written and voiced advertising messages, each about 15 seconds in length. We also offer extended formats and unlimited production update schedules and are confident your specific messaging requirements can be met.

To listen to some sample on hold productions, please visit our voice samples page.

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  • Creative scripts & copywriting
  • Notarized copies of scripts for proof of performance
  • Update notices & creative support
  • Professional voice talent
  • Broadcast quality recording & mixing
  • Music licensing & releases
  • Use of digital playback equipment (where applicable)


  • 4 Minute On Hold Audio Productions with up to 6 Messages
  • 8 Minute On Hold Audio Productions with up to 10 Messages