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ADTEL has the capability and expertise to provide professional recordings for virtually unlimited Telecom related applications and equipment. Whether you need phrases for your Interactive Voice Response (IVR), full menus for your voicemail, or simple Automatic Call Distribution (ACD) greetings, we produce and master all of your files in our professional, state-of-the-art, recording studios and optimize them for exceptionally high quality playback over any phone system. Delivered to you “ready-to-use”, in your required audio format at no extra cost! ADTEL offers the best in IVR voice recording.

The Studio Process

Simply provide us with the messages or phrases you want to be recorded along with the format requirements, and we can start a recording session. Messages for a variety of different applications and equipment can be combined in one recording session.

For remote access, we will need a phone number to access the equipment, passwords, access codes, as well as the command keys for changing the messages. For sound files, we’ll need to know the make and model of the equipment your messages are being loaded into and the sound file properties. If you aren’t quite sure of your format requirements, please give us a call and we’d be happy to help you.

Our professional voice talents are recorded in high-resolution audio, using professional quality microphones to obtain the best possible sound quality and clarity at the source. Each file is meticulously hand-edited by our professional engineers. Noises and breaths are removed and all pauses, including the head and tail of each file, are manually adjusted for smooth playback.

We then compress and normalize each file, with a specialized process that we have developed through years of experience, to produce prompts that have a consistent volume at all times. This is especially important for system prompts such as dates and numbers sets. Also for clients who require future additions or changes to their system that demand uniformity with their existing prompts.

The last step in achieving top-notch prompts is the audio file format conversion. Over the years, ADTEL On-Hold Messaging has developed a unique and elaborate process that produces outstanding results. We can convert your audio to just about any format that is optimal for your system.

Our voice recordings really do sound amazing over any phone system, whether yours is a hardware PBX, VOIP or Virtual PBX.

Voice-Over Talent

With our extensive roster of professional voice talent to choose from, you’re sure to find the perfect voice for your production. Our current voicing roster includes English, French, and Spanish voice talents. Need another language? No problem! We can source voice talents for languages around the world.

Want more information on having professionally-recorded greetings for your business? Fill out the form below! We’ll contact you to provide you with more details, as well as a free quote for your project.

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    1. ADTEL® agrees to supply telephone hold audio production services through the ADTEL® Marketing Centre in Edmonton, at the Subscriber's Premises, and Subscriber hereby accepts such services as made available and as may from time to time be constituted.
    2. ADTEL® agrees to furnish and maintain the necessary playback equipment ("Equipment") for telephone hold audio productions at the Premises. Subscriber agrees to use the Equipment only for the ADTEL® telephone hold service and nothing else.
    3. The Subscriber agrees to accept the following ADTEL® services through the ADTEL® Marketing Centre in Edmonton, for the term of this agreement, which shall be for a minimum of 36 months from the date service commences, and will continue thereafter for like periods, subject to cancellation by Subscriber at end of any such term, provided notice in writing is given at least 60 days prior to end of current term.
    4. Subscriber will be supplied with ADTEL®'s ECONOPAC telephone hold audio service, comprising up to 2 audio productions, annually, specially prepared for the Subscriber for playback via Subscriber's telephone hold at the designated Premises (rates are subject to change without notice).
      NOTE: All payments to: ADTEL® INC. 11630 Kingsway Avenue NW Edmonton, Alberta T5G 0X5
    5. Each audio promotional program will include up to 10 pre-selected courtesy messages and be 8 minutes in length. ADTEL® will provide reasonably necessary creative talent and voice talent, where applicable.
    6. Services shall commence within a thirty-day period of the date of this agreement.
  • Taxes extra where applicable. Technical support extra where applicable.
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